Remote DBA

Remote DBA

Support your database environment with flexible, scalable and secure remote database administration (DBA) services for all major platforms.

CLAAPS is a trusted industry leader in remote DBA services with of the world’s leading brands.

You have come to the right place if

  • Your database requires 24/7 system monitoring and support
  • You have a major new database project or initiative coming up and do not have the resources or capacity
  • You are running multiple database technologies and your team isn’t expert in all of them
  • You require temporary assistance or extra coverage during times of high volume
  • Your IT team needs on-demand access to database expertise
  • You want to free up your internal team to be able to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Your DBA team needs coverage during holidays, vacations or sick days
  • You are looking to improve employee retention and fill turnover gaps

Our globally distributed, elite teams of certified database administrators provide 24/7 comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all database management activities.

From database design, migrations, capacity planning, upgrades, performance tuning, backup and recovery, to round-the-clock monitoring, problem detection and resolution, our teams help customers keep their mission-critical systems in top shape. Anywhere, anytime–in the cloud or on-premises.

In addition to our remote DBA services we also provide on-demand consulting services for specific database projects and implementations.