Become a Partner

Are you a Software Development Company/ Independent Software Vendor or a technology startup, looking for partnership to outsource your development and testing needs?

CLAAPS is your ultimate solution. With our expertise, focused innovative solutions, we deliver the most effective solution cutting down your costs and helping you beat deadlines.

We have a long trail of successful partnerships. Establishing virtuous business partnership has always been one of our key goals.

At CLAAPS, we maintain effective relationship and mutually beneficial tie-ups with our business partners. Our partnership deal is based on mutual trust, common vision and professional integrity. We strive to maintain an ongoing mutual understanding.

We follow certain partnership models and flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs for the partnership agreement. So, lets start working and meet industry-driven challenges together!

CLAAPS Partner Program

Increase Your Sales and Profits

Our partner program helps to increase sales revenue, improve customer service and extend their service offerings. We will work as your extended IT services partner and deliver end to end solutions efficiently to your customers within their time-frames and budgets.

Why Partner with us?

  • Extend your market reach/business: Partnering with us enables you to offer new line of service or solution business. Your customers rely on your expertise in a given service area, or for specific solutions. They may need more custom development than your teams can handle effectively. As a partner, we help you augment your delivery capability and deliver end to end solutions.
  • Manage development capacity on demand: CLAAPS can provide you with an extended development arm which can ramp up and scale down based on your client and market needs. You no longer have to incur huge fixed costs on hiring and retaining technical staff, and instead, enjoy on-demand development capacity.
  • Strengthen your customer relationships: Collaborating with us enables you to generate new leads and provide a greater range of solutions to your existing customers. Your customers benefit by eliminating the need to acquire technology solutions from additional vendors.
  • Lower the cost of doing business: As a partner, you can leverage our offshore center of excellence and use our highly skilled teams to deliver faster at a lower cost compared to your competitors.