Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Claaps assist businesses to improve their online presence. Our digital marketing strategies encourage more trac on your website and increase user visits. We are uniquely located as a digital experience companion for your business. In our understanding of your product and design, we serve you to take-over the market more significantly compared to standalone digital companies.

The services include:

Search Engine Optimization

Being a top-class provider of SEO services, we leverage optimized content for developing the known brand while improving the website credibility. We work to promote and perform dynamic SEO services designed to enhance brand awareness and further one's online visibility. We offer the following services to give your website competitive power in the search results.

Keyword & Market Research

Our Keyword research SEO report gives an insight to your target market and keyword idea or a suggestion on what searches on the major search engines.

Technical SEO Audit

We organize an in-depth review of your site’s on-page optimization and establish important measures for development.


Use our On page SEO and Off page SEO services to tune up your online presence. We assist you to match your site content to best searches keywords.

Content Marketing

We work to build an SEO strategy which stimulates link building organically. Our content marketing determines top quality websites that are related to your business.

Social Media Marketing

We provide Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing and LinkedIn marketing. Our services are planned to explain you where people are reading about you, the areas where you can best get connected to assist increase brand awareness.

Our tailor-made services include:
Social Media Audit

We'll ensure the right mediums are used for the right audiences in mind. We'll also ensure these profiles are optimized for best practice also.

Brand Awareness

Known for our 360 approach, we engage with your centre, increase brand presentation and show your brand persona to the world with our social media services.

Social Promotion

Helping your brand stand out, improve online conversions and encourage engagement levels, we will recognize and promote to your target audience which will increase ROI.

Paid Social Media Advertisement

We consider paid campaigns are eminent for the brand's leader in digital marketing. So, all our social media campaigns are blended with paid social activity.